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Cape Ivy – Keeping Kids Warm

Cape Ivy, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit provides warmth, comfort and support to children who have chronic or critical illnesses and their families. Cape Ivy provides fleece ponchos to children in the hospital because robes, sweaters and jackets don’t work well with IV lines and other medical equipment. Cape Ivy is a resource for families experiencing long-term hospitalization of children.

Cape Ivy is managed, promoted and sustained solely by volunteers, along with the dedicated support of the Board of Directors.

Cape Ivy has supported local kids at UVA Children’s for years along with many other Virginia hospitals. They are eager to spread their reach and support kids across the east coast. Check out their site and reach out to them today, if interested.

Co-Founders,  Meg and Cindy

Meg and Cindy were friends and neighbors in Virginia when, at a neighborhood gathering in 2014, they chatted about how to dress up their fitness tracker bands. Meg, who has a background in fine arts, came up with a few prototypes. After a few items were posted on Etsy on a whim, Fitness Bitsy grew into a successful business, and 7 years later, they are still run the bracelet business, contributing all profits to Cape Ivy.

Using the skill from their business, Meg and Cindy started Cape Ivy in memory of Meg’s son, Gavin in 2019. In March 2020, Cape Ivy became a 501(c)(3) organization.